Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Joy Of A Complex Puzzle

We meet – and I reach out
to hand you pieces….. of a puzzle
with two kisses upon your cheek
and a journey begins.
Life and friends
some are smooth
while others – have jagged edges
difficult to put together
hard to fit in.
Some puzzles are too easy
as fingers and the pieces blend
little stress upon the mind
you think you’ve found a friend.
Fifty pieces, smooth and large
a picture easy to define
then one day – one thousand….
a new puzzle found…. and thrown in.
Each day you find a corner
then the challenges begin
and you’re intrigued to solve
by ingenuity, but patients
soon wears thin.
Oh the love of little puzzles
these simple little ditty’s
but the one scattered in the corner
yet resolved – always calls your name
waiting to be solved.
Some friends like little puzzles
easy on the brain
no thought to process
most everything – just fun.
Then you have another
one thousand pieces
tossed into a person
some days it goes together
other days, you throw the pieces back.
But over time, you begin to understand
and all the little pieces
start to fit together
and you end up with very old friend.
That’s the joy of a complex puzzle
they wait for you to figure them out
while they try to understand you.
A puzzle too easy is always fun
but one that challenges you
in the end….. makes the picture more clear
the complexities –
is what makes an old friend
more dear.


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