Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Old Stone Well

An old stone well
Stained water, deathly brown
reflecting back
shimmering ~~~, from my past
…eerie still, as I peer down.

A single tear
Salt from eye to mouth
this briny taste, fallen over time
waiting, for a ripple to appear.

Leaning over, a sickly draft,
gagging on a cry,
wafting up, this stench of past
of an escaping, echo sigh.

Slipping past my lips
down the mossy walls, which I…
built high, over the weight of time
now dripping,
these hollow stone piles,
deep within my mind.

Looking, into this old stone well
with creaking, rusty pump
spewing dust…,
into an empty bucket...
of thoughts,
left chipping at the crust.

One step back,
And up I look,
A refreshing breath, I took!
This well, is old - dank and cold,
It’s the sun I need in life.

Breathing deep,
I walk away,
Never looking back,
At that old stone well
Where I once choked, and sat.


  1. Wonderful poem and so thought provoking......

  2. yes.. spot on perfect.. the meloncholia just fell off the page into my eyes and heart..

  3. Good image and metaphor in the well - we mustn't choke ourselves on the pains we've built ourselves before...look to the present, and to the future, and embrace the warmth of possibility. Nice work, good message!

  4. Interesting choice of metaphor..had a "Poe" quality of something dank and dark and while not a jail, a tight confined place you needed to escape. Well written.

  5. Experienced a sense of relief reading your final lines that get away from the old stone well. Wonderful use of metaphor. Excellent, carefully chosen words. Cheers

  6. deserted the old stone,
    be gone,

    but you write about it, your thoughts lingered on it...

    what a reflective piece, we do mourn things disappeared or gone, yet we know we may never return...

    love your work.
    a treat to read you today.

  7. Dark and cold and choking...yup. From your comment on my site and this poem you've peaked my curiosity. Love the way you ended it but the imagery in describing it is striking. Excellent piece.

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