Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Riding Rails

Jumping cars and riding rails
down a track or two…or three
All beginning, on the
metaphorical farm, of life - or
perhaps, just within me.

Baggy pants, thoughts and tramps
Graveled throat and dust
A campfire, spirits,
freedom roads and lust.

Beans and Billycans,
Flowers for the man
Standing on a soapbox
On my corner of the world
Doing what I can.

Switching tracks, crossroads
No turning back
Riding rails, with parent’s dreams
like cold steel, pressed against my back.

Now here I sit,
Riding rails, grey hair on head
Parents long gone, both dead
Sitting back remembering,
What each one had said.

Funny thing,
being out there on my own
All I wanted to do,
Was turn around, and take the first track
All the way, back home.

Nonetheless, I forged ahead
Freedom of the metaphorical rails
Taking Life’s tracks instead.

But with all that said,
I made my way,
despite my rights and wrongs.
I rode those rails, sang those songs
And fell in love, along the way
With life, and just the way it is.


  1. Your words paint a portrait that is even more vivid than one a camera could produce. Wonderful piece. Thank you!

  2. Wow! You transport the reader to this place.......excellent!

  3. The balance of tension, between seeking adventure and feeling homesick, colors the images with emotion. Excellent poem!

  4. how similar our poetic philosophies. and how much I enjoyed the read, a vision only age and experience can bring

  5. I love the rhythm and internal rhymes - this is a very well crafted piece.

  6. ah you capture my own heart well with your words...nice one shot

  7. Again David, you just capture my heart here. i love how your lines make me feel, almost in the place of the happening. so powerful and poignant!
    great write :)

  8. At first I had rough visions of the movie "Emperor of The North" (a.k.a. "The Emperor of The North Pole" - Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine - great movie!)

    But in later lines it mellowed into a soothing ride.

    Nice One Shot, David!

  9. Love the feeling that you have taken us back in time. A simpler time still wrought with seeking for the answers but they were within reach by riding the rails.

    Always a joy to read your work
    Also always grateful for your sharing with others at One Shot

    Moonie smiles

  10. Retired military yearning for the freedom of the road. I can understand this. A fine One Shot.

  11. heartfelt words...

    enjoyed the imagery.

  12. Solid "gentlemen of the road" work. :)