Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Bell Rung

I draw my hand down,
upon the tower’s rope,
a flicker of my eyes
a chime of hope.

Upon the bells ring,
upon the first note,
releasing thoughts
as the echo’s float
down the sea of walls
bouncing through…
the hallowed halls.

Reverberating sounds
like a weighted crown
heavy in my throat
the words sinking, a deathly
feeling, of growing bloat,
wrapping round the corners
a moat between the castle drowns.

Once rung, the twist of fate, like
a chickens neck be wrung,
it cannot be undone.

The voice of chimes, have struck a wall,
compressing, swinging round to
pummel me… is all
swooshing back, throughout the lanes
hitting me, with tremendous pains.

I draw my hand down,
upon the tower’s rope,
now left to deal with all the notes,
…the chimes,
which have left my mind.

Free floating, ever on the winds
of time, never under my control
or thoughts again;
no longer mine….
these chimes.


  1. like the chickens neck wrung...nice...and no longer mine...a great close. nice one shot!

  2. I love the idea of the chime, once released, as irretrievable.

  3. How the sound travels and its effect in the poem enhances the time element, and understanding it which you weave back to the chimes at the end. Enjoyed your poem very much. thanks

  4. Amazing sound and time travel, really such a wonderful impression! Could almost hear these chimes the way your poetry flowed so well along with/ hearing, feeling, emotions...Wonderful writing! ~April :)

  5. Such tintinnabulation! (Shades of Poe!)

    I recall ringing the Peace Bell at the Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii. (It's a replica of the 900-year old Byodo-In Buddhist temple in Japan)

    The low peals echoed in the valley as the rain drizzled softly. It was very peaceful and, unlike your chimes, it has remained with me all these years.

  6. i like how you start the poem - with an action - putting your hand on that rope - and then it starts to flow - finds a way - and then the end - never under my control - really good!

  7. Like a word once spoken, never to be unspoken.

  8. I draw my hand down,
    upon the tower’s rope,
    a flicker of my eyes
    a chime of hope.

    love the opening,
    very beautiful flow.

  9. I think this is an interesting piece with very satisfying movement in it. If that makes sense to you. Love and Light, Sender