Monday, October 18, 2010

This fattened bowl

Written for Potluck Monday – theme; 7-sins (
This fattened bowl,
but a juicy peach in life,
ripe with everything,
within hands reach.

All is mine,
they shall not touch,
greedy bastards,
they have so much.

But I have a harem,
 if you will,
a craving, a pleasure
such succulent delights
for those minutes,
when the yearning strikes.

I’ll lounge about,
and drink it in,
who are they to say I sin,
I devour life, and always win.

I’ll be the talk of town,
the rest, those fools,
those clowns,
they can all watch with envy.

But beware,
if they choose to scorn me,
they shall despair,
my vengeance, like a viper,
swiftly through the air,
and my wrath....
they shall bear.


  1. Wow! That's powerful for sure. I liked the strength that comes through it, and that you didn't put in some kind of opt out at the end. I came here from Jingle's Potluck by the way.

  2. David, excellent poem working in the deadly sins. It reads beautifully aloud.
    Mine is at

  3. Very hard edged poem. Your aggressive word choice really brings out the imagery you use to build around the theme. Very enjoyable read.


  4. powerful play on deadly sins,
    Thanks for sharing!
    Glad to have you in...

  5. Love the way you crafted it with such vivid imagery with a dancing quality.

  6. Power man!
    I enjoyed this very edgy no nonsense piece.
    Peace to you,
    (my posts for potluck)

  7. Dear David,

    This one's so different!! Speaks a lot about who you are..!!
    wow- what a powerful one.. really maddening- very intense.. very well written.. :D

    Happy Potluck Dear Friend.. xox

  8. nice. i like the intensity of this one...tight one shot!

  9. It would serve them right, those judgmental bastards! (LOL!) A bold One Shot, David!

  10. this was powerful and intense - tight one shot indeed!