Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taste the fear

The earth raised beneath me
logic was unclear
the only thing for certain was,
that I could taste the fear.

A mile away, I just can’t say
I turned to see my home
remarkable, still standing
a vision, made from stone.

No pain, nothing…
but unsupportable loss.

Flung through the air
slowing down the motion
with plenty of time to stare.

A man can be reached
when clearly in the breach
a quick reflection of the soul
then becomes a primary goal
when sounds begin to screech.

Then it slipped away
all the air was gone
leaving me at bay.

Choking, spitting spewing
left sitting in a hole
nothing left around,
but little chunks of coal.

Inflating breast
to expand command
no point in sitting there
with nothing left, worth a stare
didn’t really give a dam
just being honest with you there.

The only thing for certain was,
I couldn’t bloody well hear
but I sure as hell could taste the fear.


  1. This was too powerful David! i can't express enough..your style is unique and i love the flow..:)

  2. ..taste the fear...could taste it as well in your lines...powerful one shot david

  3. Stunning writing David...I so agree with Claudia on this...excellent work/very emotional. ~April

  4. so fine tuned lines,
    very heartfelt words.

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  6. I can only imagine the witnessing of things that have taken a lifetime to build , being wiped away in an instant. War is evil.


  7. i echo claudia...very powerful cheers pete