Tuesday, November 23, 2010

15-Stories Down

Before I knew, I was looking up
from 15-stories down
I sat still, upon the cold hard ground
and frowned - unsure, what I had found…within.

I clapped my hands, no echo heard
what a hollow sound, was that
then I heard, a little peep, of a murmur…
or a cry; then I realized…. It was only I,
from 15-stories down.

Do I frown, or cry, or say my goodbyes
for surely, I must have sinned…
but where do I…begin?

Was it one or two or five…; I’m still alive
maybe, seven, nine or ten…
hmm, that’s it, always thinking within.
Dammit all, it must have been…
eleven, twelve…where did I sin.

But here I sit, without a clue,
unsure of what to do…
the only thing, is to find a step or two
Hell, that’s what I’ll do…
I’ll find a way, from here,
all the way back to you
from 15-stories down.

On the way up, I wondered if it’s true,
Well sure, I’m always thinking from within…
But did I, did I really sin?
I guess it doesn’t matter now, as I have
a beautiful place, with a balcony and a view.


  1. amazing..you had me all over my stories David..and the ending is totally perfect! i enjoy the depth of your insight..these poems are precious..keep writing my friend,it is an absolute delight to be your reader..:)

  2. What an intersting first line
    "Before I knew, I was looking up
    from 15-stories down"
    I really like the twist of the mind in comprehending and then the image. :)

  3. very well written piece that made me think of our materialistic greed of wanting to be at the top..thanks for linking with OSW..pete

  4. Enjoyed the multiple perspectives expressed—spatial, time, and contemplation of spirituality.

  5. I enjoyed it.. thanks

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