Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Close my eyes

Draw the bow across my heart
with dancing fingers
sliding strings alive, my ears
lovingly abide.

I sit and close my eyes
listening to the tunes
just off to my side
floating through the air,
removing my despair.

A gentle voice, a soothing choice
of notes…, which filter across my way
worries, sliding off, dissipating
like dew on a summer morning day.

To quietly sit, not to fidget or fit
no mental strategies or wit
but a single moment for me
to wash away all my worries and
chaos of the day
just to sit and listen for a bit…

So draw the bow across and sing
use your dancing fingers
to gentle pry apart
those withered strings upon my heart
to make my ears come alive and lovingly abide
as you wash away my worries
while I sit and close my eyes.


  1. Interesting metaphore, Man as Violin... or Cello, or whatever string instrument played with a bow fits us best.

    (Let's just hope the musician won't be playing Paganini on us!)

    Neat One Shot, David!

  2. love the use of music witht eh heart as it often stirs one to move and feel...even in teh prying apart...nice one shot!

  3. The heart was played, and played well. Nice one, David/

  4. Dear David
    I enjoyed it so much, your flow is so soft and soothing... Thanks for sharing.

  5. Music is magic and works wonders whether played or heard. Nice work.

  6. glynn was spot on...a great share with osw cheers pete

  7. love dancing fingers.
    beautiful and delightful piece.