Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Heavy Chest

A heavy chest
I cannot breathe
with this weight
this weight on me.

So heavy, but you just
don’t take the time to see
all these bricks
piling on top....

One, by one, by one... by one
heavier, with every single
crushing brick.

Every breath, I take – so thick
Air filled with straw and mud
clogging me – each breath
a resounding thud.

Listen to the air expel,
what’s left, is nothing
nothing left to tell.

You’re crushing me
I cannot breathe
if I could only take a sip
a resuscitating moment
sucked between my lips.

A heavy chest, of bricks
on me...


  1. Scary - have felt like this - hope not to again. Rich poem.

  2. I know the feeling David,yeah it is just not comfortable..but i wish you never have to go through anymore pain my friend..:) i loved how you constructed it,nice rhythm and capturing flow..great work :)

  3. From start I feel the emotion here, very deep

  4. And for me it's the air that escapes....wow..I definitely felt this poem..
    well crafted and delivered..

  5. The way you delivered is so real. Good work.

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