Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Mirrored Look

I looked up, to see him there
Not twenty-paces beyond my stare
Hidden in a crowd
With all the other blank faces.

Him blinking twice, was all it took
Drinking in, then shrinking from my look
I reached out, and I reeled him in
With a piercing stare and my glaring hook.

Wrapped around my little finger
He tangled in the air
I thought I’d wait…
and make him linger -
Just because he thought,
that I would never find him,
while he was standing,
looking in my stare.

A crying boy, with a withered grin
In the market, by the square
But twenty-paces looking on
That’s where I saw him,
just standing there.

In the window, with a glare
A little peek and a haunting stare
It was him - he was waiting
Hidden in a crowd
With all the other blank faces.
Just waiting for me…
to stare, into the pain of window
A mirrored look, he drew me in
with a piercing stare and my own
….glaring hook.


  1. Hypnotic flow... fits the emphasis on hooks very well. Cool concept.

  2. Oh my, can really feel the pain in this little boy...and your feeling it with him....takes a piece of the heart away in reading.....bkm

  3. i feel the words..poignant narrative

  4. You do paint a vivid picture with this piece. Nice one shot. Love and Light, Sender

  5. you indeed paint a picture with your words - and made me see the boy

  6. very hypnotic..adam is right...and i saw him too..such is your wonderful words...great write and thanks for sharing...pete

  7. I enjoyed it very much.. thanks for sharing..

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