Sunday, March 6, 2011

Curtains which never fall

Image: "The Show Must Go On" by Jacob Lucas
Poem entry for One Shoot Sunday 06 March 2011, at One Stop Poetry

I cannot work without a script
I have no richness of stage, nor play
I have a director without a grip
I have no seats to project
I have only a tattered demise.

You can throw and cast and Impel
You have a surface and a shadow
You are surrounded by character
You have a stage beneath your feet.
You have your tallow shell - to project.

You are beyond your wits
You have nothing, not even a script.

I have an actor, who cannot dream
I see a vision, of what can be scene.

You have rust and fallen brick
You have rafters, bare as a vaudeville shtict

I see an actor commanding centre stage
You see nothing, as you have no vision
I see canvas everywhere, and the palette within the mind
You see nothing, nothing at all
I see a stage of life, full of dreams
You see nothing, but a stage, which has left

I see a door, open to possibilities
I see mortar between the bricks - and...,

I see curtains, which never fall.


  1. smiles. i am glad you see more in her than she sees in herself...if only she could see with your eyes...

  2. Powerful poem in tone and how it builds to resolution. Some people just seem to always be on stage; living in a world where the curtain never falls. Great work, David.

  3. "You are beyond your wits"

    Powerful poem. Really like it.

    Louise G

  4. Well done, love the tone of this !!

  5. Good use of repetition and focused theme. Enjoyable work.

  6. Love the layering and the dialogue with the use of rhyme, alliteration and reference this work is deep, personal and at the same time universal. Just what theater should be. Well done. Loved it. Gay