Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Wall

What is a wall,
what is a brick
Substance thick
I cannot breathe -
my vision blurred
I yell and yell,
no longer am I heard.

in-between the layers
dividing those who stare
the living veins of mortis
a rigor without a care.

Stoned and stained,
Higher, higher, higher,
when will it stop!
left splattered with distain
superior… above the pain -
It will not.

We assume,
that everyone knows -
what we know
a division at the top
built upon a foot
a leg[acy] of stone.

A wall, a wall a wall
no longer can I stretch
I cannot see beyond the tall.

Then I climbed
to look and see
beyond the media
beyond the me
and there it was…


Just over the edge
a wall, of humanity.


  1. "I cannot see beyond the tall"...Nice line...then climbing to look, to see beyond all that is throw out at us...to see what we can see..but another wall called humanity....well done...bkm

  2. ha. normal is an illusion in the eye of the viewer or whose wall you put your ear to...smiles.

  3. Enjoyed the word playfulness of this (e.g., "stoned and stained", etc.).

    Good piece, LOL finish.

  4. Steve mentions the great wordplay. I agree. The "division of mortis a rigor" and the way the poem seems to hit the bricks so to speak in the beginning is well done. I also like how when in finally seeing what's "normal" your poem also questions it.

  5. Ah. This speaks to me of the walls we bump into and the walls we allow to block us. But most of all, the penetrability of the wall of humanity is what gives me hope. Evocative write.

  6. Ending was perfect. I enjoyed it so much.

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    Om Namah Shivaya
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