Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Boy with a Dog

Image by Fee Easton
My poem entry for One Shoot Sunday 15 May 2011, at One Stop Poetry

Sit down lad
I’ve a wee story to tell
about a boy and a dog
and his heathery lands.

On bright windy days
when the grass would dance
we’d lay amongst the reds, the purples
and all the plants… and then
I’d dream.

I would close my eyes
and look at the sun
its these memories
that I remember the most
those days with my dog….
we’ll… - they were fun.

Anyway, boy - what’s more to say
you see what “they” see… and
it’s not your fault.

But just bear in mind
behind every eye….
there’s another “me”.

A boy with a dream
and a dog.


  1. this is a fab see through their eyes and its not your fault...nice...and behind every eye...excellent take on the prompt...

  2. Wow! A superb poem about recalling a childhood memory, and telling it a unique way.
    "But just bear in mind
    behind ever eye….
    there’s another “me”."
    I find this passage in particular very striking because a young boy is probably wondering about the man's vision.

  3. love it. especially the last verse. loved how you used the voice of the character shown in the photo

  4. a boy with a dream and a dog...excellent - really excellent piece of writing david

  5. You reminded me to always look for the boy behind the man.
    This is a very apt response to the photo.

  6. A boy with a dream and a dog ... Love it!

  7. Loved reading this. I could hear the voice of that man narrating the story.

  8. Loved this free-roaming prose style. Great read.

  9. Great - the subject of the photo looks as though he has lived many lives and you showed this with this memory so simply and uniquely told.

  10. I love how you took this photo and wrote your poem in the first person from the old man's point of view. Delightful.

  11. Love the perspective you have chosen. Boyhood stories of adventures untold... Great piece.