Sunday, May 1, 2011

In the Iris

Submitted for One Stop Poetry - One Shoot Photography Sunday (Picture Prompt)! 01 May 2011
Photo by Rosa Frei

I was torn on this photo, as I wanted to write an in-depth complicated poem, which dove into the eyes of this man and into his very soul. Easily, ten-thousand lines of life lay beneath, but in the end, simplicity was the journey shown. 

In the corner of my eye
a flash
unable to turn away
you’ve captured
in my iris
not just me
but the memories…
of my past.


  1. wow david - this is fantastic - there's so much captured in these eyes...

  2. David, your poem in few words invites the reader to take a more focused look at the image. Excellent

  3. brilliant - you caught that look in his eye with perfect words and implied that though the iris is captured, the man never could be.

  4. nice..i like the flash being his drew me in for sure...nice david...

  5. Excellent. Thought-provoking work.

  6. A pair of photographic eyes. In his face the past, present and the hint of a future. Thanks for sharing!

  7. magnificent - both! and your words take us there, to his memories! beautifully done!