Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In The Leaves

In the middle of the yard
I found a seat
just beneath the rustling
of my tired... feet.

Quietly I listened
as my thoughts....
began to slow
remembering the days
not that long ago.

Between my toes
I watched...
these dancing leaves
twirling acrobats
in the morning's breeze.

Her and I
that's who we were
like syrup song-birds
smooth and sweet.

I stood-up
and grasped the rake
twirling with a smile
I kissed the morning wind
and danced....
amongst the pile of memories.

Such freedom, in the clarity
and beauty - of the moments seen
these gracious opportunities
while sitting...
in the leaves.


  1. syrup song birds?

    please explain.

  2. what a beautiful capture of a moment...syrup song-birds...LOVE them...and kissing the morning wind...sounds like the perfect thing to do..

  3. zongrik: simply an expression of sweet love between partners. Essentially, a bit of wordplay, instead of "morning-song-bird".

  4. ah, very romantic.. loved the metaphors you used. nice piece.

  5. Oh I love this! Anything that speaks of love and romance will always have my vote.
    Penned beautifully.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. You've brought the reader into the moment...

  7. The moment you captured as you wrote
    Hitting each and every note
    The one shot you created
    Should have many elated
    Enjoyed the read
    Here at your feed