Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Am Your King

Image by NeilAlexander
My poem entry for One Shoot Sunday 10 July 2011, at One Stop Poetry

I am a Soldier - and a King
anklets, wrapped
snakes chained to death
look around and see….
- My Empire!

Deep lined and carved
vines hacked
till ruins are stayed
upon the temple'd peaks
of Mount Meru
and the Hindu gods
who stoop beyond a bow
- so far away.

Build my temple
on blood soaked grounds
where I'll sit in peaceful grace
then cleanse the stones
with heaven's nymphs
for I am your King
they are mine,
and you… are bound.


  1. dang david...snakes chained to death.. and building temples on soaked ground..tight write!!

  2. Abrupt ending like a stately decree... Excellent imagery throughout your poem. Profound irony sitting in peace on blood soaked ground.

  3. dang...yeah claudia stole my word...haha...great intensity to the imagery...and excellent break at the end...

  4. And all that is found in the picture...

  5. brilliant write almost felt as if it was a declaration ...liked it thank you

  6. The opening actually pulled me immediately to the classic "Ozymandias," and the tone certainly seemed to fit when contrasting it with the image above. Such proud talk, with a backdrop of ruin...peace in blood.

    Which is to say - very much enjoyed, a profound voice, taking us centuries back, to a land far from many of us...powerful.

  7. Fabulous piece... your words carry meaning beyond the surfaces, facades mearly hiding chained declarations beneath.