Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Tried – But I’m Just a Scatter-head

Image by Rosie Hardy
My poem entry for One Shoot Sunday 17 July 2011, at One Stop Poetry

I tried to meditate
contemplate, reflect
and recollect
but my thoughts -
like three at once
were on the run.
I tried to focus
a purpose of mind
by intention
and not design
yet I still felt.....
I tried to think of a place
a difference of time
all these running thoughts
of mine.....
I tried to think of a farmer
and his wife
he had a gun
and she – a knife
- the tales.... she could tell.
I tried
but in the end
my thoughts just ran away
I guess.....
I’m just a scatter-head.


  1. ha. love the take on the prompt...had that 'thought' but you pulled it off very well...

  2. Can certainly relate... now were the heck did I put my iPad! lol Always a pleasure visiting. Thanks for joining in the fun one last time, David.

  3. I like the part about the tales she could tell :)

  4. it took me 'til "blind" to realize where this was heading. well done. a very fun and interesting take on the prompt. thoughts most definitely have a way of scampering off before I'm able to make sense of them.

  5. Fabulously clever take on this one. Love the scattered thoughts running.

  6. great comparison to your thoughts running like blind mice.

  7. many minds many places or one mind in many places?