Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just I

I had a room
but no money
a floor with an "X"
but no "Y"

I stood in a long line
a snapshot
on a rainy day
then a broken photo
but I said it was okay.

I sat by a telephone
listening to a ring which fades
your breath - a curse away.

I made a sound
a cellar full of noise
too deep, so it lost its way
what more could I say.

I wrote a letter
each word unreadable
a sentence - never heard
invisible was I.

I also had a tear
I lost it when internally I cried
but then I laughed
I must have been okay
so there was no reply.

Maybe it's just I
who plays a game with me
but maybe it's you
and you just don't realize
but I think you do.

Either way
at the end of each day
It's just I.


  1. I love this poem, each stanza is so impressionistic! I especially love your second stanza!

  2. That was a little sad. They say tears in the writer, tears in the reader. It is precious!