Monday, July 18, 2011

You'll be Fine

Vacant is the heart, where she pierced the man
as he danced on his towered page
wrapped in a blackened hood, soiled of age
He called out to her, hoping she understood.

A message wrapped in wire, careful to unwind
she rocked on stimming horse - a strategy of mind
while he yelled at her with eyes, which drank her in
tranquility of gin and sobered thoughts
eventually, she drew a line of saber'd ink
to defend against the blind - a mental pace without a face
she raced to buy some time.

While dreams played on ivory keys, and spoons clattered
in a metal sink - unsure what to think
she decided to turn the key, and let the poor soul in
with a broken heart, he was falling apart,
how could she let him be.

An open door, to a torn mind, a shadow and a light
A dry brush, on naked canvas, he dragged across her sight
these startled thoughts she painted - with clarity of mind
Then held him to her world; you're okay now, struggle all you want
but I'll hold you, you're with me now
- and you'll be fine.


  1. "A dry brush on naked canvas, he dragged across her sight" Beautiful! I can see it all. Thank you for beauty and clarity. Hugs.

  2. The second stanza is pure genius. I think this may be one of my faves! Good work!

  3. love the message and humanity in this david...great verse...

  4. Wonderful poem, David-- very moving. xj

  5. A lot of strong images. I agree with Brian about the humanity in this.

  6. Good gawd, I get this. I am she.