Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dark Moon

Dark moon on a silver night
Lanterns lit with fright
She sweeps down, swooning
Her reflection, covering us
Like a shadow filled with light.

We danced upon sparkles
Flecks in her eyes, shimmering beauty,
looking down from the skies.

These clouds and their shadows
kept swimming across, when out
of this hue a spotlight spotted us.

Uncanny and eerie, we stood on
our stage; still with superstition,
all filled with this rage.

Building trusses with fusses,
we climbed all about, as the wings
of our legs, like wizened old owls,
these midnight fowls; we made
preparation for flight.

Leaping and dancing, we jumped
all about; flying, taking off with a shout
We ran and we ducked, but it was
just our bad luck.

A dark moon on a silver night
Lanterns lit with fright
Swept down, swooning, and covered us still….

It was only then, and against our good will;
we stood watching, standing, perfectly still
waiting for our favourite old girl.

She, but a rose, bloomed on a stem,
Just over the hill, around the next bend.
The moon losing grip, when the sun took a sip.
With a quick wash of the sky, as the earth
swallowed her up. We left wondering why,
nothing to worry as we scurried away on this
beautifully bright and wonderful day.


  1. actually i find this enchanting...or maybe just that old rose...nice one shot...

  2. Many aspects to your poem I enjoy, from word choices to clear narrative tone which builds suspense through tale and imagery. "Frightfully wonderful" (Neva)is an apt way to describe it.

  3. Its really engaging and I liked it very much.. thanks for sharing a beautiful verse...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
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