Friday, January 14, 2011

One Breath at a Time

This weight of life, bearing down
Soundless in such pressure found
upon his chest, barely a breath -
he takes - laying on this hill of life
a heap of a mess, he’s built, and
piled it on his very own chest.

One hundred stories, he lay beneath
arms raised in why, tears streaked
flat of man, his life squeezed out
unbearable weight, this terrible clout.

It’s clear, he has surely lost his way,
His realization, late of day.
Silence in the sounds, nothing left around
This seems to be the way; left thinking,
he has little left to say.
No breath, with life upon his chest
He gave up, not wishing to be found.

She looks up to see him sitting there
An old man without a peep, no tales
Nor does he speak, nothing but tears
Stained upon his withered cheeks.

Sitting by his side, looking deep into his eyes
She clasps his hand, and warmly says
One breath at a time, one blue sky a day
Let’s sit a bit - and wash away that grey.

After a while, she turned to him and kissed
his cheek; releasing such a sigh, he looked at her
as if in wonderment and why.

You have no weight upon your chest
You simply need to breathe.
You built a pile, filled with life
Then sat a while, forgetting how to smile.

Sitting tall, his shoulders back he looked at her
and said - you gave me life, and breath this day
and washed away the dirt of life, which held me to
my strife, when I had lost my way.
One breath at a time, one blue sky a day
Can we sit a bit - and enjoy this wonderful day.


  1. this is absolutely beautiful!

    deep and full of emotion

    enjoyed this very much

  2. oh i love how she changes his world...just went through this this one def resonates...great one shot

  3. Wonderful transition from the weight upon his chest to none at all. Beautiful metamorphous and a picture of hope and redemption. Loved it.

  4. This is fantastic. So happy to have found you through OneShot and looking forward to reading more of you.

  5. Amazingly beautiful ending of a beautiful verse... liked it so much...
    'One breath at a time, one blue sky a day
    Can we sit a bit - and enjoy this wonderful day.'
    Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  6. "One breath at a time, one blue sky a day"

    What a perfect way to take life. This is a beautifully wrought poem.

  7. I love this poem, truly beautiful!