Sunday, January 30, 2011

Freedom of the Sands

30 January 2011

Do not bring your weight

to bear upon me

nor dig your soul

into the fibers of who I am

If you allow me the

freedom of the sands

then I shall rise to you

and together

we shall walk

step by step

as one


  1. A light and beautiful image of the love of a lifetime. =)


  2. Great wordplay in the beginning, and the lines lead to a great resolution emphasizing the moving aspect of the walk—yet more so a journey of two people. Excellent challenge response, David.

  3. nice...the freedom of the sand giving me room to respond to you...tight write.

  4. If you allow me the
    freedom of the sands
    then I shall rise to you...this really spoke to me..beautiful words david

  5. If you allow me the

    freedom of the sands

    these two lines and the movement into the close of this poem...wonderful...the journey of two coming together...

    This is a fantastic response..I dig it!

  6. great humble invitations. the sands definately are as free as the wind. some people dig their souls into us univited....actually I have done that way too many times without being invited. This made me pause for self reflection. Hmmmm. Godd response to the prompt.

  7. Simple, touching and memorable. Lovely take on the photograph x

  8. Humbling words, fantastic take on this prompt... together you shall walk.