Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Life

Submitted for One Stop Poetry - One Shoot Photography Sunday (Picture Prompt)! 24 April 2011
Photo by Greg Laychak

How far I’ve come
but that’s not me
down this narrow hall
which peers.

I stoop
to get a better look
was it a race
did I win
where are my friends.

An effort to discern
I’ve been left behind
now bound - to mind.

My life
pressures I did bear
I sit alone
now wishing ...
I were anywhere
but here.


  1. Excellent how the hall peers, as if staring back at her. Also like the race mention. Makes me think of the futility of getting to the finish line first when it comes to life. Great challenge response.

  2. as a race, and in solitude. We are born with a caretaker but we come through the passage alone. We may have a caretaker when we die but ultimately we die alone. Pity the souls who have to wait in dread for the ultimate fade to black.

  3. such a sad race to win when all the friends are already passed away..a sensitive poem david..

  4. Sad but too true..

  5. You know, I think we should all visit a nursing home regularly...even if we don't have a relative or friend in there. Great take on the prompt David.

  6. Sad, reflective... well expressed.

  7. ugh yeah i imagine that this might ring true for quite a few...perhaps just to be with someone...