Friday, September 23, 2011

Draw Me

Pull me like a direction
cause me to move
infuse me…. with you
an inherent source
like white lines of words
on a road of life.

Delineate me as a charcoaled vase
a portrait with broad strokes
this character you see.

Sketch a deep black window
without a shade
sketch the light of day
depict a scene of colours
unseen by the naked eye
hidden in the hues
drawn out - by you.

Reproduce, what no others see
and empathize the vividness
an outline of a painting
washed out by the sun
a life between the lines

- then draw me.


  1. when my husband and I met several years ago, he asked me to teach him how to live life. I did not understand. But he married me. I take him with me everywhere. :)

  2. Draw me - like water to lift from a well; draw me - paint me into your life, your ethic, your aspiratins; draw me - pull me into your life and out of the hold of another pole; draw me - entice me to you in the darks of my night, in the depths of my doubts. All this is here in such a good poem! comment is sort of a ghazal. Well you never know. Thanks for the drawn and lovely lines.

  3. Wow! This is a fantastic write! I love the finish, how brilliantly you weave yourself into the picture. It reads aloud beautifully as well...bravo!

  4. nice...beautiful close david...draw the life between the lines is a great line...very intimate piece...i like...

  5. Interesting look at how a lover can draw the places no one else can see, and can make your blind spots beautiful.

  6. Such a flow - it pulls us along like the strokes of a brush, tenderly and lovingly coaxing out the picture of intimacy...Love and art, what greater pair?

  7. such a wonderful flow and it really pulls me along. I live the strength of this poem and how love can pull you and lead you along. Wonderfully done thanks for sharing

  8. The wonderful and thoughtful comments on the post are so apt and give tribute to your excellent use of words. But, you know, you are capable of moving the heart with your writing. If you do not, you should know. :)

  9. What's left to say after all these thoughtful comments to your poem. A very artistic writing that moves everyone's soul, including mine :)