Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Hearts

The following poem was inspired by the noted picture of Katherine Priddy.  I contacted Katherine via her YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/pridsters) and she graciously provided her permission to use this specific picture of her, with two poems - "Two Hearts" and "If I Could Paint".  Please note; these poems in no manner, reflect Katherine, and are purely works of poetic fiction. 
Additionally, I encourage everyone to visit and subscribe to Katherine's YouTube channel, as she is a remarkable talent, with an angelic voice!

Thin straps, holding life
supported by a string of pearls
from shoulders, to a graceful chin
and ears of listened thought
which hold the anchors
that ground her - from within.
She steps from blackness
the beauty of her shadow
now outlined - in light
a stark reminder, to the contrast…
of emotional hues, which pale
to her interior, and poignant life.
But in a moment of reflection….
she peers - across the channel
to see two worlds - divide
so on sailing eyes….. she swims
to dock her tender lips
on shadowed tears.
She must convey her love
like two hearts - written upon her skin
so his eyes are drawn to her
and she whispers love songs…
- to him.