Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If I Could Paint

The following poem was inspired by the noted picture of Katherine Priddy.  I contacted Katherine via her YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/pridsters) and she graciously provided her permission to use this specific picture of her, with two poems - "Two Hearts" and "If I Could Paint".  Please note; these poems in no manner, reflect Katherine, and are purely works of poetic fiction. 
Additionally, I encourage everyone to visit and subscribe to Katherine's YouTube channel, as she is a remarkable talent, with an angelic voice!

In the distance - I see
a love, far, far away.

If I could paint a picture
with the brush of my hand
you would see the fragrance…
and the pink blossoms, strewn
beneath the white flesh…
of an apple tree.

If I could paint for you
- I would paint me.

I would paint love on my face
wide eyes adorned with hearts
lips slightly apart, which whisper
little pearls of lustrous joy.

In the distance, I see
our future…..
the beauty of love
is painted in the vision
and what I now see……
is you - painted on a canvas
- of me.


  1. You may not know how to paint a picture with the brush of your hand, you sure know how to picture it in words :)