Saturday, September 10, 2011

His Mind

His mind was up….

Spinning round and round
but it went nowhere;
like circles of the day
which spun into the night.

A single thought
cast in a straight line
dancing in the mind
bouncing off a mirror
then caught -
in the vortex of a twirling
ceiling fan….. and time.

Like particles shown
in sputtered light
free floating…..
until the clouds come
which stifle the darkness
hiding - the moonlight.

He watches the fan turn
spinning around in time
but, with every turn…..
the clock slows
but never does - his mind.


  1. "until the clouds come which stifle the darkness hiding - the moonlight"

    One of the hardest things they say, is to convey a clear thought with few words. I can see the insomniac. See his mind at work, spinning with the cycles of the fan.

    I loved it. Thank you.

  2. Yes - the tired insomniac laid still and watched as the world revolved, around a ceiling fan; each whir of air - stirred the moment, but stagnate was the night.