Friday, September 16, 2011

Unexpected Moments

What are the possibilities
when you reach out - and find
a hand, which fumbles….
into the warmth, of mine.

It's this simplicity
the very magic and the mystery
of little dreams, that saunter
such a wonder, that we find.

In a world, which turns around
life is so much closer
these unexpected moments
- are often found.

So regardless of the circumstance
whether a rainy, or a sun soaked day
an occurrence, or a happenstance
it's the warmth of finding rays
surprising sparkles, which shine
in the middle of our day.


  1. beautiful imagery David
    nothing like watching two hands
    find eachother
    and the ripples that flow
    from the reconnecting

  2. It's hard to translate proverbs 'cause often they don't catch the heart of it... reading this poem of yours reminded me of one 'Geluk zit vaak in een klein hoekje' which means as much as 'Luck and happiness are often found in the little things of life'
    It's how I feel it!