Sunday, June 26, 2011

Call the Clan - For Me

Image by Adam Romanowicz
My poem entry for One Shoot Sunday 26 June 2011, at One Stop Poetry

On the peak I stand, to look about and see
this inverted undulation, now spreading out
all around - surrounding me.

Life is changing, the gravity, is liquid deep
a downward inclination - a flue,
which guides the clan to me.

United by a common trait, their mothers breast
once stroked; they return, this rearward motion
- a stairway down, to my pounding chest.

As the warmth flows from the sun
and river to the sea…
A mothers pride -

Call the clan - Call the clan….
they'll return to me.

Call the clan -
for me.


  1. "this inverted undulation, now spreading out
    all around - surrounding me." Intriguing opening stanza leading to change admin the calls for return. Much going under the surface, especially with repeat mentions of mother and return. Deep

  2. I agree with dustus, brilliant original opening lines leading to a calling home for drops of dew, congregate with the clan.

  3. Just exceptional poetry - profound, wise and evocative.

  4. Brilliantly powerful open... fabulous call home.