Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spilt Emotions

In the moment, all is fine
a cleared table
and a steady mind.

But in a flash
the drapes are closed
and hidden is the sun
there's nothing left
and nothing to see
so he begins - to run….

Near the edge
he reaches out
all in the hope… to find.

But then he trips
on his misguided mind
shattered, is the glass
spilt emotions
are now  


  1. Expansive written about the emotions, simple words but still expressive. Well done

  2. Really like the way the poem changes in the second stanza and where it ends up. Nice one David! // Peter. @expatinCAT

  3. Your piece has a nice flow with much depth. I enjoyed these lines,
    "But in a flash
    the drapes are closed
    and hidden is the sun"

  4. Those split emotional breakdowns are described very well in terms of flight as opposed to fight. Deep poem. Really like the dripping effect of the final lines too.

  5. The depth your words reach
    Really show in your speech
    Like how you make them dripping past
    At the very last

  6. Dark times do sometimes come in a flash, don't they? Never fun to be tripped up by them :)

  7. Darkness can be tough to escape from. Well written, and well done.