Saturday, June 4, 2011

In Hope

I used to think it's me
so I walked those extra miles
just to see the hope.

I'd stretch beyond, well past the point
looking for a place, that even I could see
...or cope.
I would reach out, deep into the fog
trying to find..... some clarity.

I would take a chance, and step out on a limb
while others played, the safe game... of nice
in the guise, of your charity.
Then one day I thought, it's me they see as
crazy, while you play hide and seek...with life.

Yet I continue, to walk..... those extra miles
though tired as tired can be
because you see - it's not about me.
It's not about your charity -
of friends... who say the things
just so you can hear... then run off and play,

another game of hide and seek
thinking that's the key - to life.

So I take a stand, outside the circle
out on the limb - to be the friend
who cares enough
to walk those extra miles.....

and I do it all -

In hope!

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