Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some Luster Lost

Image by Rob Hanson
My poem entry for One Shoot Sunday 12 June 2011, at One Stop Poetry
(Flash Fiction 55)
If I could look above
my entanglement ~~ to see
schematics of who I used to be
- ahhh ....well….
Now cradled in her arms
I rest
while wrapped
in dusty thoughts
I can visualize
the filtered places
….that I've been
all the while
for a spark to ring…
and hoping to regain
- some luster lost.


  1. Your title ends the poem with great emphasis. Ah, if we could all look up to discover the schematic of our existence. Excellent opening. Second stanza sounds soothing and maintains hope. Great write, David.

  2. if i could find the secret to dusty thoughts that held my future,i'd certainly trade a few things in!to be cradled again...nice piece.

  3. Great metaphors for wanting more from life through the cradle of the telephone.. Short, sweet, leaves me wanting more to read. well done!

  4. great write ...we all want to know why and what we're here for, alas that is fates mystery thanks for the great words

  5. I likes how this flowed and how you made it a poem in a fifty five, very clever ending