Thursday, February 24, 2011


The following poem was inspired from a tweet I wrote in reference to - Kristallnacht.

TWEET: “On a crystal night, filled with fright, all our dreams... were shattered – then numbered were our days”


Railed and jammed, trenched in bile,
choking my concentration; buried deep
in stench, now spiraling up,
lost is life’s hope.

Shattered were there numbered days,
striped with prejudices - war and torn.

Crimson edge, along this darkness bleeds;
decay, black with dampened eyes,
stripped bark and skin that sheds.

Wires barbed with teeth, chomping
at the bit; greyed louses, boots,
which stomp and kick, ordered by
their blacken threads.

Then washed away to sodden grounds,
unearthed beneath the sky - where
dreams have laid, withered, crushed
by fools, left limp and dying,
amongst the living dead.

On top of lime and soiled earth,
we now tromp a daily tread, to death.

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