Sunday, February 6, 2011

Timothy Leary and Me

Image by Sean McCormick.

On the grass I lay, rising to the fall of pitch.
A sea of land, sinuous and rich - I fall. Side to
side, listening for the siren’s call.

Flag of mind, undulating in the breeze below my
eyes. Turquoise brooding vastness of blue hues
and darkened skies. Dreams of bending curves -
streaming heat and galaxies. I lay and watch,
as they zip by.

An incandescent masterpiece - aglow, beneath
a roof of mind; protected by the vitality of
weathered trees, stripped back - holding the
vastness, of the prairie seas.

Lying on the floor, watching from afar, just
beyond the orange glow of the open door, we
sit and drink a cup of tea, while listening to the
march of pink wheat and crickets -
just Timothy Leary and me.

My poem entry for One Shoot Sunday, at One Stop Poetry.


  1. I can see that. Good. Good. Good.

  2. Brilliant! Reads like a psychedelic journey—excellent imagery and internal rhyming.

  3. Always good to have mutual friends, well done

  4. Unsure about this write :-(

    I was not really in the mood, and somewhat just walked blindly through the motions.

    Always next week :-)

  5. I love how you turned the world upside down -- beneath a roof of mind.

    I enjoyed your visit with Timothy L

  6. i enjoyed it david...there was some fun rhyme to it and good imagery...

  7. An unusual trippy journey David. Nice tight and informative write.