Friday, February 25, 2011

No Matter What I Say

Still wind on a summer’s eve,
drenched moonlit sleeves, like
spotlights on the side of walk;
lighting paths, which focus on our talks.

A step, a stretch, astride, straddling
discussions, unwilling to abide.
Normalcy, pleased and clipped, then
dipped in cosmic gin, expanding thoughts
releasing synergy, as planets of ideas align.

She curtsies and I bow, unsure of how,
but realizing the end is near, one foot off
the curb, a lip a curl and a sneer. But one thing
for sure is clear - the wit of her cynicism
has dipped her brow and beaten, questions
risen, claiming fowl - despite my claims
it was not a chicken, but a hen.

And so it goes, the walk was over,
the sky and moon have closed.
No more thoughts to buy or bid, and
then she said - good riddance
this is clearly - The End.

Because, no matter what I say,
I just can’t seem to win.


  1. A pain-laced walk through what anyone that's suffered the end of a relationship can certainly identify with, I'd say. I could really feel it, put myself in it - sometimes it just comes to seem that no matter what we say or do, change or stay the path, we cannot win. All we do comes to naught, and turns to further anger against us in turn. It is a sad state to be caught in, and no one benefits from the situation...Sad, but a piece that speaks.

  2. mmm...sometimes its best just to say nothing in those situs and if it is fate it will come again...

  3. I loved this, I loved the story, I loved the rhythm, I loved the internal rhymes. What a pleasure to read.

  4. Any relationship that turns into a kind of competitive "one-up-manship" thing is destined for stress and failure. Knowing what I know of you, you did the right thing...which definitely sneaks you into the "rooster" category. Sometimes it just takes the elapse of time to see the good in an ending.

    Tiger Windwalker

  5. Solid work, focused and worthwhile.

  6. sometimes its due to not completely know the one you are talking to and you can tell the brain inside is already churring up something to add or one up like Big Sur stated. To listen well is to gain an audience. I really need to stop by here your stuff.

  7. Poignant and sad and your words made me relate to the walk so much more... your ending was beautifully powerful...
    'And so it goes, the walk was over,
    the sky and moon have closed.'

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay