Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Frame of Mind

Image by Sean McCormick.

Mother, Father, watch me play
I’m piling stones and stones and stones
then I'll stuff them all with hay.

No, no silly me…. in between the stones
is what I really meant to say.
I’ll mix mud and clay,
you know…, so they’ll stay.

Daddy daddy, can I have some wood?

We need a window - please please please,
just a little bit… should do.


Grey, through years, a foundation stood
once a dream, now a vision seen,
built upon such toil and sweat,
mortar, rocks, timber - and sky…

All framed within my mother’s eye.

The day dad passed,
we watched him fly; in the window,
both, we stood.

Then and now, strong of mind -
I often find, I’m looking back….

Into a wonderful frame of mind.

My poem entry for One Shoot Sunday, at One Stop Poetry.


  1. What a curve ball thrown on this one! The set up was amazing. After the first part I was wondering where the poem was leading; turns out to be a beautiful, sad memory. Very well stated, creatively.

  2. From whimsey to reflective. Love the story!

  3. I love the style you've told this in... playful to begin with with and becoming so sweetly reflective, as Jerry said. Original and interesting take.

  4. o i like
    the frame of mind part

  5. I really enjoyed your style.. ' often find, I’m looking back….Into a wonderful frame of mind.' beautifully written.

  6. love it,
    stunning imagery,

    excellent poetry.

  7. You framed your poem beautifully. Loved the picture as well.

  8. Perfect balance of everything - excellent.

  9. yes...I too like the fact that it started off light hearted and breezy turned reflective.

    nicely done!

  10. Oh it's gorgeous, what a boomerang! Slots deftly into me. Lovely.