Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Afternoon sail

Listless ~~ floating ~~
upon the sea… arms spread wide,
expressionless, that’s me.

Driven, from the dock
into the pounding hail,
crashing waves, flat bottom dory bails
water deep, knuckles white and cold
piercing cries, cutting through wind…
blessed those, that live without sin
upon the sheets of sails, and the blue back fins

It’s a splendid day, for an afternoon sail.

Slender mast, spars aghast,
tearing sails, which support the blast, from
bone, chilling wind…. coming from up North
No whispering to be found
on the open deck of this vessel - sea bound.

Fat sails, men with buckets…Bail…bail - bail…
creaking decks, searing stout arms, tearing muscle and limbs
blessed those, that live without sin
upon the oceans with the blue back fins

Black as night, 200-miles off the coast
waves galore, smashing, pounding…sinking
thrashing peaks of white, grasping men on sight
like a ghost ship, drifting…off to sleep
upon the ocean floor so deep,
no saviors to be seen

Listless ~~ floating ~~
upon the sea… arms spread wide,
expressionless, that’s me

Waiting, for the tides to take me home
to my wife… and family
It’s a splendid day, for an afternoon sail,
with nothing but darkness,
peacefully surrounding me,
and the now calm seas.


  1. This really took my breath away. I read yesterday and as equally breath-taken this morning reading again. Absolutely wonderful the "flow" and the calm waters as they softly sway back "home" ~GORGEOUS work! :)

  2. Such a beautiful scene, and painted very well

  3. This reminded me of a novel I read about the sea and sailing. Your poem took me back there. Vivid descriptions, wonderful narration!

    nowhere island

  4. The vividness of the words -- and then the quiet of the words -- capture the reality of the afternoon sail. Well done, sir.

  5. wow. you took us right there...i used to sail in the summers...and i miss it honestly...what joy and freedom...nice one shot!

  6. The flow of vivid images in your poem shine through layers of tone and rhyme

  7. smooth flow,
    adventurous tour!
    10Q for sharing!

  8. Wow am not a poet but you make me see the places and people nicely with your poems on how you describe them so well, i like your writing and the words have a nice flow in them ;)

  9. this was a wonderful descriptive write...and if you mention the sea i am sold..cheers for sharing pete

  10. thanks for taking us with you on this afternoon sail

  11. Amazing sailing experience, i truly love your writing and the way you rhyme. You have a talent in poetry and i hope you keep writing. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a wonderful comment and if you feel inclined and want to read more, just go through the archive and entertain yourself. Your comment and visit was greatly appreciated my friend. :-)

    Wild Rose/@LarvK~