Monday, September 27, 2010

Standing tall

A young man, a soldier,
one leg torn away
teetering in the lobby,
of the downtown hotel
… that day.

Balance, mind and body
all astray,
he heard a noise
and quickly turned away.

He fell, sliding to the earth
on the hard lobby floor
fucking leg; he yelled
what a bloody curse.

They all rushed,
not sure what to do
then across the room,
a yell was heard;
Stop! Leave him where he is,
and everything went hush….

The man walked over,
looking down he said;
Your badge, is the regiment
that I was in….

Do you need a hand,
or would you prefer to stand.
Struggled to his feet,
nothing to be heard, not a peep.

Sweating at the brow, he made…
he made himself, stand tall.
Putting out his hand, he said
Glad to meet you sir, the pleasure
is all mine; and thank you,
I’ll be just fine!

The pleasures mine young man
I knew you’d want to stand
tall and proud,
not needing our helping hand.

Standing tall, a nod, a wink
how life changes in a blink
regardless, what you think.

Then a smile between old friends
it seemed.
Regardless of their ages, been
they both knew what they’ve seen.


  1. Very detailed and descriptive, great

  2. sad reality, yet, after all, standing tall,
    love the spirits in it.
    well done!

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  4. Jingle; I’m afraid I am unable to make such a commitment at present. You can DM me on Twitter, if you like and I’ll explain if you wish. Thank you for the offer. Warmest regards, David