Monday, September 13, 2010


For all my fellow soldiers – regardless of country; for those who lived and especially for all those who died.

I faltered in my step
hesitate, is true
youthful inexperience
painful memories to

We laughed and trained
all is fun, yet not games
but we – new
that within a day or two
everything would change
this ... we knew – to

Nervous grins
hiding fear
bravado, at its best
we...we, were no different,
from the rest

I faltered in my step
hesitate, is true
but not for long
as our friendships grew

a special bond
born from piss and shit, and blood
What a bloody mess..., it was
but this bonded us
if you were there, you’d know
simply, just because....

Now, those days are long ago
yet never far away
the fear you see,
is always, very - near to me...

Regardless, of those days or nights
long since passed, or just
the other night, from last
it’s the lads, you see, and
there enduring...

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