Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just her and I, and me

We used to sit,
underneath the tree.
Just her and I, and me

Summer nights,
seemed so sweet.
Innocent and bright,
as we sat underneath
the lights.

Upon the grass,
leaning against the poll,
my mind would whirl,
of thoughts of her and I.

Just me you see,
in my mind,
of her and I.

Oh, too laugh and play,
they were grand old days,
Just her and I, and me.

Under that lamp,
leaning against the pole,
dreams were made,
and told.

I held her hand,
sweaty, and cold,
but the warmth, was
unmistakable, the movement
young and bold.

Her eyes, oh…,
how they would twinkle,
starlight’s in her soul.

She made me feel so good,
lighting up my dreams,
everything I did,
she said - I knew you could.

Winter came and days went by,
only choice, was to sit and stare,
and watch our dreams go by.

Days, and months and years,
fly by.
I sit and wonder why.
I should have asked her then,
rather then say goodbye.

Now I sit and think,
poor me,
it could have been,
Just her and I,
and me

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