Thursday, September 9, 2010

Swish Swish swish

Second poem today of real life events… what an interesting life I lead… okay you can stop laughing now. Fine keep laughing…it’s all good :-)

Walking merrily along one day,
I thought I heard a noise

I stopped and glanced about
but heard nothing,
as I poised

Hmmm I thought,
strangest thing is that

Pitter patter off I go,
down the lane again.

Swish Swish swish

What the hell is that, I said!

Did you hear that?
Well yes I did, said my dog
looking at me funny.

Squinting eyes, I look about
peering at my shoes.

Nothing there I think,
and off I go,
swishing down the street.

Well, that’s it I said,
surely a joke am I, as I spy about.

I lift one foot, then the other,
nothing I can see, but me
standing like a fool, in the middle of this city sea,
with people all about.

Swish Swish swish again.

What’s this all about.

On the bottom of my shoe you see,
was a two-way piece of tape,
sticking to the ground,
then sticking it to me.


  1. David, your poetry is absolutely marvelous! Thank you for sharing your heart. Continued Blesings to you! Kadena

  2. LOL David I love this! This brought such a smile. Speaking of tape comedy, my little girl, now 4, well when she was maybe 2, her father jokingly stuck a piece of lightweight masking tape to her shirt and the other end dropped to the floor. I was videotaping at the time (cuz mommy is so stuck on capturing moments, lol) She got so wound up thinking she was stuck to the floor, crying about unsticking her! It was too funny though. Your poem made me think of that comical memory, thank you for this!! =) ~April

  3. lol..this gave me a smile this afternoon, and I needed one..thanks for sharing it!