Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Power of Music

Inspired by a true story, as told by a WW 2 veteran: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-hywQEWwzY
I was scared
frightened, like the rest
could I make the grade
could I pass the test.

Trenches cold,
frozen feet, mud, rain and sleet
determining, the test of time.

If I peered, just a glimpse upon
would he shoot, shoot me dead.

They, my friends,
told me not to play,
if you do… that’s it,
this will be your day.

I thought a while,
then thought of him,
the boy on the other hill,
just like me - but still…

I pursed my lips,
parched of throat
took a breath, then played,
Lily Marlene…
a love song, for my enemy,
just a boy, a man…, just for him.

He has a mother, father, sister
brother too,
no different than me, or you

On the morn, a call went out
who played that song
a prisoner, sorrow shouts
he wants to know,
with a whisper in his throat.

I couldn’t fire, you made me think,
my family and my wife to be…
they all need me…

My hand shot out
gentle as can be
shaking his
with glistening eyes
sobbing soon to be…

He’s not the enemy,
he’s no different
than you or me.

The power of music


  1. Hi Dave. Wow! I really got into your poem and felt your emotion. Great work! Keep writing! Regards, Bob Collazo

  2. I love music,
    true words.
    enjoyed the power of your poem.