Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flat and simple, then

I showed this poem to my wife, but she questioned why I had chosen to bracket the “k” in [k]night.  So I thought I had better explain this poem, which may or may not be a good thing, as I prefer others to come to their own conclusions, regardless:

This poem is about young boys, dreaming about being soldiers - knights in shining armour and life as a child being much simpler at that age. The reality being much different, and the knights of old, soon turns to nights of fighting dragons of a different nature...

The earth was flat and simple
young, in heart and mind
perils but a book to read
not a thought of mind.

Swords were swung
games played
[k]nights, were shining still
amongst the quiet, peace and calm,
of the youthful thrilling flames - of life.

The village of my heart
was Strong
built upon the bones
of youthful dreams
mortar, still spilling from the seams

A story from days of old
not but 30-years ago, were told
when the earth was flat and simple
and the perils, nothing more, than
a chin, filled with childhood pimples.

Far before the fanciful dreams
when my [k]nights were young and bold
of fighting dragons and dancing with fire
were the stories, wishing to be told.

Now the [k]nights are rusty,
creaking from the strain…, the
misery and…. the bloody rain.

Brick and mortar long past gone,
thatched roofs pouring in
struggled to maintain
a withered village of the heart,
now pumping, filled with pain.

Peaceful are the [k]nights no more
fanciful dreams, now filled with gore
to lay my head upon the floor, and think…
of when the earth was flat and simple
bringing calm to the village of my heart,
and peace to my [k]nights mind, when
everything… was flat and simple.


  1. I just reread this, and think it may need some work, especially the ending. I’ll let it stand for now, and see what critiques may come. Feel free to be harsh!

  2. Every writer is perhaps quite their own biggest critic. I much enjoyed this! :) ~April